Name/DescriptionScentSizeItem #MSDS Sheet
BatherBox Unit
Our revolutionary 4 product bathing system
w/ ACCU-MIXER™ technology
BTB300view PDF
Hydrating Oatmeal Shampoo w/ OAT PROTEIN
Relieves itching for healthy skin
Sugar CookiegalBTBOSGview PDF
Moisturizing Go To Shampoo w/ COCONUT OIL
Deep cleans & locks in moisture
Pink Peony & PoppygalBTBGSGview PDF
Botanical Degreasing Shampoo w/ CITRUS PEEL
Rids coat of excess dirt & grease
Orange CitrusgalBTBFTGview PDF
Neutralizing Deodorizing Shampoo w/ ORDENONE®
Absorbs & breaks down odors
Fresh & CleangalBTBDEGview PDF
Tearless Hypo Shampoo without SULFATES
Gentle cleansing for puppies & sensitive skin
Fragrance FreegalBTBHYGview PDF
Relieving Recovery Shampoo w/ CTAB®
Disrupts bacteria growth &
restores healthy skin
SpearmintgalBTBRSGview PDF
Nourishing Go To Conditioner w/ ANTI-STAT®
Smooths & repairs damaged hair
Pink Peony & PoppygalBTBGCGview PDF
Repairing Deshedding Shampoo w/ VITAMIN E
Releases undercoat & restores strength
LingonberrygalBTBDSGview PDF